Live Credit Limit Management

In Marg ERP Software, there is a very beneficial option “Live Credit Limit’s”. With the help of this Credit Limit Management option, the users can set the credit limit for their customers.

Collaborative Commerce

Collaborative commerce is the most recent a platform wherein user can upload and download their invoices and all the mismatch conditions are totally eradicated through this system.

Notifications & Alert System

Notification and Alert System allows getting instant custom alerts through e-mail or SMS. The system allows to keep the team/ business updated about inventory and transactions.

Strike High Sale Management

The Push Sale feature perceives Focused, Dump and Near Expiry Items and aides in controlling the dump and Near Expiry items along with doing sale of the dump and near expiry items.

Audit Dispatch Management

Bill Audit feature leaves no room for mistakes & errors throughout the process from bill generation to delivery.

Offer & Scheme Management

Marg ERP is integrated with some brilliant business boosters like sms integration, email facilities

Purchase & Sale Claim

Marg ERP has developed a new feature “Claims & Statements“. With the help of this beneficial feature, the user can keep the track of the benefits of the claim against the purchases which is being done.

Stock Clearance Management

Marg ERP Software has developed an option “Stock Clearance” through which the user can set some items which are required to be sold out as soon as possible from the stock

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Sales Bill Attraction

In Marg, billing system is very much advanced yet easy to use

Counter Sale Entry

By this option, multiple salesmen can handle multiple customers on single computer

Multi Series Provisions

Series feature of Marg is very advance so that customer can use this option for maintaining reports, outstanding etc.

Point of Sales Provision

At fast sales counters POS Billing is very much important.

Bill Printing

In Marg, you can design bill formats both in GUI and DMP.

5 MAIN Key Features

Financial Account with IT-ST-Auditors Reports
State/Country wise Sales Tax Reports & Registers
State/Country wise VAT & E-Returns
Operator wise Powers & Boundations
Multi Location Inventory Management